Getting a right lawn fertilizer - No more a mammoth task!

I love gardening. It makes me happy to grow plants in my backyard and spend some time with them.

Recently I have moved to new home with my family and have plenty of space to grow many plants as well as previous home owner also did a great job growing green lawn. But lawn still have some patches where it needs some attention to grow, might be some good fertilizers and regular water.

While searching a good fertilizer for my lawn I understood that we need to pay fine attention to the fertilizer numbers that has been printed on fertilizer package. They are available in the two different form for lawn

1. Granular Fertilizers

2. Liquid lawn fertilizer

Liquid lawn fertilizer is a better option if you are looking for quick results as these fertilizers get absorbed in soil immediately and become available to your lawn

Liquid fertilizer also save some time as you water your lawn at the same time while you fertilize them. So liquid fertilizer is a winner over other type of fertilizers.

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Which stethoscope should I choose???

I am super confused about buying a new stethoscope. I am preparing for my EMT admission since long back and I got admission to be an EMT now. That is the reason I need a best stethoscope, but when I hit the online stores to buy one got super confused about quality and efficacy of these stethoscope as there are hundreds of brands out there who build stethoscopes and claim that they have the most effective stethoscope which can provide you best results in practice.

I almost gone through hundreds of reviews and consulted few senior EMTs for their views; finally I got an expensive Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope which is most effective and provides great quality and highly recommended by many users.

During my research I stumbled upon many yahoo answers and a website specifically dedicated to help students to buy best stethoscopes that is

I love the FOLDING KNIFE concept, it gives us strength and a upper hand in any survival situation.

I love the FOLDING KNIFE concept, it gives us strength and a upper hand in any survival situation.

Nothing can Beat the Paring Knives in Kitchen!!

Yes, I mean it!

Whenever I argue with my wife while buying best kitchen knives; I always vote for paring knife and couple of other knives that are mine favorite. My wife always stand by the Chef’s knives, though I know they are most prime knives in any kitchen any a must have things for every kitchen I always go arguing for PARING KNIFE!!

Paring knives are those little knives which are really best looking and available in multiple color, size as well as shapes. They are mine favorite only because they tremendously useful for completing small cuts, peeling, and performing small intrinsic task. I am an addict of small detailed work in kitchen and I guaranty you those who love perfection in there cutting, peeling, paring and coring fruits will going to love this knives!! Don’t just take my words for it; see what world is saying about them on paring knife guide on